EU-Génie Private Projects




Overview and perspectives

For a long time, the ENSAIT has perceived the challenges which it should raise. EU-GENIE, the structure of valorization, has been created in January 2009. Its objectives are to support the companies in their human, technological and strategic development.

EUGENIE works with the companies to improve their process or products and also helps them to create new products for new markets.

All the strategy of EUGENIE is based on the competences of the researchers of the GEMTEX and their know-how in textile technologies and applications. The projects carried out cover the markets of transport, individual protection, medical, environment, building, geotextile and industries.

The different themes of the 3 groups of research of the GEMTEX, such as textile composites, non-woven, agro-resources, sustainable development and design, allow us to transfer our knowledge for developing new industrials applications in close cooperation with our partners.

EUGENIE promotes the connection between university and companies.



EUGENIE treats all the contractual aspects on BtoB basis (relation Business to Business). When the answer or the need is collective, it is then taken over by the collaborative projects links and reciprocally.


The objective of EUGENIE is to serve the industry according to their requirements while firstly positioning our specific knowledge and competences for market issues

The reflection is divided into three main services: laboratory test, technical assistance or consultancy, and research (privative and collaborative).

The main axes of development are Research and Technical Assistance.

All prestations are directly paid by companies. In some cases, companies are financed by OSEO and can charge its costs on their CIR (Credit Impot Recherche).

On 2011, we have 6 thesis directly financed by companies; 4 thesis for ballistic composite, 1 for environment, 1 for aeronautic composite



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