The objective of this project is to develop a methodology to take into account the increase in the life of the products and apply it to linen textiles. The project studies the technical and environmental consequences – over the entire life cycle. This includes not only production and recycling but also new scenarios for the supply, distribution and use of these textiles.

Companies will be supported through the project in developing their overall eco-innovation strategies. This is based on several pillars such as eco-design of products, taking into account their uses and manufacturing processes, as well as the development of a new service offering that is part of the functional economy. These strategies will be validated by the market via the production of demonstrators, in the form of prototypes of products or services.

Period :
Keywords :
eco-innovation – linen – recycling – production – supply
Website : ECY TWIN
Partners : Celabor – Fedustria – Etexbel – UCL –

Ensait contact : Anne PERWUELZ

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