Multifunctional Textiles & Processes Group

• Research skill : Polymers, Polymeric Materials, Polymerization, Materials Chemistry
• Professeur des Universités – Section CNU 33 – Materials chemistry

Research expertises
  • Materials Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, Drug Delivery, Polymers, Polymeric Materials, Textile Engineering, Microencapsulation, Technical Textiles
  • Polymers, Polymeric Materials, Polymerization, Materials Chemistry, DSC, Scanning Electron, Microscopy, TGA, Polymer Chemistry, Thermal Properties, Thermogravimetric Analysis

Publications on ResearchGate

Contenu de l’onglet

  • Macromolecular Chemistry,
  • Thermomechanical
  • Properties of Polymers,
  • Microencapsulation,
  • Physicochemical Analysis Methods.
  • Expert for the Regional Delegation for Research and Technology (DRRT) / Ministry of Higher Education and Research.
  • Member of the Editorial Board of the ISRN Textiles Journal, now International Scholarly Research Notices in 2014.
  • Member of the office of the northern section of the GFP since 2008.
  • Nominated member of the Pedagogical and « Perfectionnement » Council of ENSAIT
  • Elected member of the Scientific Council
  • Elected of the executive board