Multifunctional Textiles & Processes Group
  • Research skill : Material, Characterization, Polymers, Advanced Materials
  • Assistant professor  – Section CNU 33
Research expertises
  • Nanocomposites
  • Development of multifunctional fibres by melt spinning (ex: development of flame retardant multifilaments, piezoelectric fibers,etc.)
  • Design of multifunctional nonwovens (sound absorbers, eco-materials made from renewable fibres)
  • Projet émergent
  • Knitting technology
  • Plastics processing techniques applied to textile
  • Characterization of insulating materials (thermal and acoustical)
    • Internship Manager E1 / E2
    • Referent of the professional license Innovative Textiles
    • Pedagogical Tutoring of International Academic Exchanges: Universidad Tecnologica Nacional – Facultad Regional Buenos Aires (Argentina) Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola (Peru)
    • Elected member of the GEMTEX Laboratory Council (CLG), representing non-HDR Lecturers
    • Member of the CHSCT ENSAIT since 2015
    • Elected member of the board of ENSAIT