Mechanics Textile composites

Mechanics Textile Composites

The MTC research group focuses on two main fields of application of textile composite structures: Ballistics and Composite structural parts. In the first part of this section research activities related to ballistics and weaving of textile structures able to stop projectiles and debris. Second part is dedicated to novel approaches enabling the design and manufacturing of structural composite parts mainly for aeronautics applications

Key words : Modelling, simulation, structural
parts, aeronautics, armour, ballistic

Overview :

  • Characterization, modelling of textiles structures
  • Design, implemantation, optimization
  • extile structure and their innovative processes fabrication
  • Hybridization textile technology

Collaborations & associations:

  • 12Lab. Mines de Douai – ENSAM Parie / Angers – UNSW, Australia- ICAM Nantes.
  • 3Lab. y

The group topics are :

1 - Ballistics

Based on the development of specific dobby weaving loom adapted for multi-layer woven fabrics, different 3D warp interlock structures have been defined, optimized and produced to give, first, a better knowledge of the final geometry of multi-layer fabrics and, second, a new solution to protective material against ballistic impacts with different velocities and threats. 


2 - Textiles reinforced composites

Working since 1999 in collaboration with Airbus, EADS and other industrial partners, our team proposed several solutions for new composite carbon parts. In 2002, stitching and tufting (PhD, Ms) combined with braiding or weaving lead to stiffeners reinforcements. In 2006, weaving interlocks structures; we study for interlaminated shearing, were a good answer for low speed impact resistance of composite parts. Our research team is also involved in design and conception of novel textile machines and structures as the Corner Fitting (ALCAS 6th FP) which leads to 9 patents in collaboration with Airbus Company.