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Clean and innovative textiles strategy for circular economy.
The CLEANTEX Interreg project project will develop the tools for the upskilling of the textile sector and particularly higher education students, in order to obtain its objectives. 
Start : 11/2020 –  Stop : 01/2023
Contact : Anne PERWUELZ
Link to CLEANTEX project on Gemtex website


Bioresorbable knitted yarns and meshes for the treatment of genital prolapse
This interreg project consists of the creation of semi-resorbable textile reinforcement implants for the treatment of genital prolapse (commonly known as « organ descent »). These new implants will have mechanical properties perfectly adapted to the problem of genital prolapse.
Start : 11/2021 –  Stop : 12/2022
Contact : Aurelie CAYLAStéphane GIRAUDChristine CAMPAGNE
Link to PROBIOMESH project on Gemtex website


Eco-cycle Innovation for the Textile and Woodworking Industries 
The interreg Ecy-Twin project aims to engage companies in the cross-border area in the textile, clothing, wood and furniture sectors in the transformation of their business models towards sustainable growth.
Start : 07/2018 –  Stop : 12/2022
Contact : Anne PERWUELZ
Link to ECY TWIN project on Gemtex website 


Monitoring the detection and localization of fluid leaks on reported waterproofing membranes made of composite materials.
To prevent pollution of the environment by effluents, nuclear power plants are equipped with storage and fluid retention structures. In order to guarantee a tightness of these structures, membranes of composite materials are used as reported sealing systems.The contribution of the GEMTEX laboratory in this project lies in the development of a detector filament (liquid, mechanical stresses or gas) that will be made by melt spinning through the insertion of conductive nanocharges in an insulating thermoplastic (polymer composite driver).
Start : 09/2018 –  Stop : 12/2022
Contact : Christine CAMPAGNE
Link to MONI2TEX project on Gemtex website 


Circular fashion in Hauts-de-France: mobilisation and commitment of stakeholders for a transformative ecosystem.
Supported by ADEME, the French Agency for Ecological Transition, the REZOMODECO project aims to build a transformative ecosystem in fashion: proposing more responsible production, distribution and consumption in the textile sector. In contrast to the « fast fashion » economic model, which is based on the rapid renewal of short, low-priced ready-to-wear lines, the project’s researchers are proposing economic models that are more virtuous at the environmental, economic and social levels. 
Start : 09/06/20 –  Stop : 08/10/2022
Contact : Anne PERWUELZ
Link to REZOMODECO project



Optimising the assortment of fashion collections and purchases using massive data and artificial intelligence
The Fashion trends 4.0 thesis project aims to is to develop a decision support tool for textile retailers in order to optimise: the assortment of collections by favouring products with high potential and by integrating the strategic and stylistic constraints of the retailer, and the quantities to be purchased by indicating to buyers the sales potential per product

Start : 10/2019 –  Stop : 09/2022
Contact : Sébastien THOMASSEY
Link to Fashion trends 4.0 on Gemtex website


Self-regulating and self-contained solutions to maintain optimum temperature
The aim of the AUTOTHERM² (FUI) project is to develop a set of solutions aimed at designing a system consisting of a self-regulating temperature assembly combined with an energy recovery jacket capable of making the overall system autonomous. The project is intended for two types of application: heat therapy and protection against the cold for first and second skin clothing such as underwear or gloves.This heating system will provide comfort with wear by combining active heat, especially during extreme weather conditions.

Start : 10/2017 –  Stop : 10/2022
Contact : Christine CAMPAGNE
Link to AUTOTHERM2 project



3D matrices for tissue reconstruction. Application to breast reconstruction.
The MAT (T) ISSE interreg project proposes to create a new bioprosthesis, a Class 3 implantable medical device, which aims to help the body restore damaged areas following curative surgical procedures. This tissue restoration is done through the autologous collection of fat cells (adipose tissue) reimplanted on a synthetic and resorbable lace type textile structure.  
Start : 01/2018 –  Stop : 09/2022

Contact : Christine CAMPAGNE, Aurélie CAYLA, Éric DEVAUX
Link to MATISSE Project



Development of microstructured TEXtiles for stimuli-dynamic PHOTO filters.
The Phototex Interreg  project aims to develop a new smart textile type which improves comfort by a dynamic regulation of the space between body and textile. This smart textile should be able to give the infra-red radiation back depending on the body or external temperature and humidity (sweat).
Start : 07/2018 –  Stop : 09/2022

Contact : Eric DEVAUX , Christine Campagne, Joseph LEJEUNE
Link to PHOTOTEX Project



Smart Air FIltration & Remote Sensing.
The SAFIRS ANR project aims to set up a disruptive technological chain for the production of on-board electronic sensors on textiles permeable to air flows, in order to analyse the air quality and energy efficiency of a dedicated treatment plant to its renewal in confined spaces. The use of a textile matrix equipped with sensors, integrated into the filtration system is a generic offer to design connected detection systems for filter wear monitoring and energy efficient (pressure drop) as well as for the detection of toxic molecules such as formaldehyde and chloramines.
Start : 10/2019 –  Stop : 09/2022

Contact : Vlandan KONCARCedric COCHRANE
Link to SAFIRS Project on Gemtex website


Development of a high quality consumer alternative mask dedicated to the fight against pandemics.
dedicated to the fight against pandemics, comfortable, washable, with high filtration performance and manufactured on an automatic machine 
Start : 01/2021 –  Stop : 06/2022

Contact : Philippe VROMAN, Maryline LEWANDOWSKI
Link to MASCOFIL Project on Gemtex website


Contribution to the study of the environmental impact of textile treatment processes by the life cycle analysis tool

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2008 – 2012 Contact : Anne PERWUELZ – Usha MASSIKA BEHARY


ARCIR 3 : Characterization of bacterial-polymer interactions for the development of food contact antibacterial packaging and textiles.

ARCIR 4 : Contactor design for the extraction / adsorption of functional peptides learn more

2007 – 2011 Contact : Anne PERWUELZ & Usha MASSIKA BEHARY


Development of textile/apparel oriented research/training cooperation network between Europe and Asia by exchanging young teachers and postgraduate students

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2004-2007 Contact : Xianyi ZENG


New materials and assembly processes to design flexible and resilient aircraft tanks

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2008 – 2013 Contact : Damien SOULAT


Study and development of green composites based on renewable resources

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2010 – 2013 Contact : Philippe VROMAN


Sensorial project : virtual clothing fitting room, human models and recommendation system for creators

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2011 – 2015 Contact : Xianyi ZENG


Innovative junction solutions for composite and metallic materials

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2016 – 2018 Contact : François BOUSSU


Innovative methods of dewatering industrial and urban sludge

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2014 – 2017 Contact : Anne PERWUELZ


Rethinking Linen Textile Design for Circular Economy

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2015 – 2018 Contact : Anne PERWUELZ


Advanced Material Textiles for Complex Lightweight Applications

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2013 – 2016 Contact : Damien SOULAT


Manufacturing systems for 3D-shaped, multilayered products based on flexible materials

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Start : 2013 Contact : Vladan LONCAR, François BOUSSU & Xavier LEGRAND


Structuring of the flax and hemp vegetable technical fibers sector for materials use

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2012 – 2017 Contact : Damien SOULAT


Thermoregulating textile structure for underlayment application

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2016 – 2018 Contact : Fabien SALAUN

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