Recent completed projects


Development of a high quality consumer alternative mask dedicated to the fight against pandemics.
dedicated to the fight against pandemics, comfortable, washable, with high filtration performance and manufactured on an automatic machine 
Start : 01/2021 –  Stop : 06/2022

Contact : Philippe VROMAN, Maryline LEWANDOWSKI
Link to MASCOFIL Project on Gemtex website


Contribution to the study of the environmental impact of textile treatment processes by the life cycle analysis tool

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2008 – 2012 Contact : Anne PERWUELZ – Usha MASSIKA BEHARY


ARCIR 3 : Characterization of bacterial-polymer interactions for the development of food contact antibacterial packaging and textiles.

ARCIR 4 : Contactor design for the extraction / adsorption of functional peptides learn more

2007 – 2011 Contact : Anne PERWUELZ & Usha MASSIKA BEHARY


Development of textile/apparel oriented research/training cooperation network between Europe and Asia by exchanging young teachers and postgraduate students

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2004-2007 Contact : Xianyi ZENG


New materials and assembly processes to design flexible and resilient aircraft tanks

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2008 – 2013 Contact : Damien SOULAT


Study and development of green composites based on renewable resources

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2010 – 2013 Contact : Philippe VROMAN


Sensorial project : virtual clothing fitting room, human models and recommendation system for creators

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2011 – 2015 Contact : Xianyi ZENG


Innovative junction solutions for composite and metallic materials

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2016 – 2018 Contact : François BOUSSU


Innovative methods of dewatering industrial and urban sludge

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2014 – 2017 Contact : Anne PERWUELZ


Rethinking Linen Textile Design for Circular Economy

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2015 – 2018 Contact : Anne PERWUELZ


Advanced Material Textiles for Complex Lightweight Applications

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2013 – 2016 Contact : Damien SOULAT


Manufacturing systems for 3D-shaped, multilayered products based on flexible materials

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Start : 2013 Contact : Vladan LONCAR, François BOUSSU & Xavier LEGRAND


Structuring of the flax and hemp vegetable technical fibers sector for materials use

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2012 – 2017 Contact : Damien SOULAT


Thermoregulating textile structure for underlayment application

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2016 – 2018 Contact : Fabien SALAUN