Launch and support of Tex&CARE, the circular fashion chair

Tex & Care, the Chair in Circular Fashion, supports ecological, economic and social transitions to sustainable consumption and production in the fashion, textile and clothing sector. At the crossroads of social sciences, management and textile engineering, the chair brings together 25 researchers from the IAE Lille (Trade and Distribution Centre in Roubaix, LUMEN laboratory, Consumption, Cultures and Markets team) and the ENSAIT Roubaix (GemTex laboratory).


Tex & Care aims to produce and promote multidisciplinary scientific research on circular fashion, while making it accessible to as many people as possible. It also aims to support and train textile actors in the integration of sustainable technical and social innovations. Finally, it carries out training activities and partnerships between research and textile industry players.

Why a chair on circular fashion ?

  • A chair to facilitate the appropriation of research by all. By promoting accessible « open source » research, the Chair is part of a strong societal common good and sustainability approach. The main focus of its research work is on access by the greatest number of people to responsible, social and inclusive fashion.

  • A chair to offer a space for collaboration to all players in the sector. The Chair offers a partnership framework to facilitate the appropriation of research by economic players and to initiate collaborative work with stakeholders (local authorities, the State, foundations, industrialists, companies, competitive clusters, associations, start-ups, consumers, etc..

  • A chair to combine expertise and accelerate change. The Chair is based on multi-disciplinarity (Human, Sciences, Marketing and Consumer Sciences, Textile Engineering, Lawyers, Historians, Economists, etc.), the variety of business approaches (design, marketing, CSR, recycling, design and responsible purchasing, etc.) and the excellence of its research.

The Tex&Care Chair is hosted by the University of Lille Foundation and is supported by the University of Lille, in particular the IAE de Lille and ENSAIT. The Tex&Care Chair brings together several laboratories and researchers from these two institutions.The chair is supported by an interdisciplinary scientific committee and a partners’ committee bringing together qualified economic players, sponsors and national and international expert researchers. This body is responsible for the Chair’s orientations and research areas.The Tex&Care Chair is financially supported by the Hauts-de-France Region.

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Period : Feb 2022 / Jan 2025

Keywords : circular economy – circular fashion –  research – open source – sustainable – innovation – collaboration – multidisciplinary

Website :  Tex&Care Chair

Partners : IAE LILLE, University of Lille , I Site University of Lille

Ensait contact : Anne PERWUELZ