PhD Students

We are pleased to introduce you to the current team of Gemtex PhD students

Ahmed ABED

Start : 01/01/2019

Thesis: Monitoring of natural fibrous materials (sisal and wool) embedded in multilayer woven structures for composite application
Director: F. BOUSSU
Linked to : Toubkal project


Start : 01/10/2020

Thesis: Study and development of a multifunctional fabric for a formal jacket, with reduced environmental impact
Directors : C. CAMPAGNE / U. BEHARY

    Pengpeng CHENG

    Start : 01/11/2020

    Thesis: The Influence of Skiing Posture on Fit of Skiing Clothing Based on Human-Clothing Model
    Director : X. ZENG

    Ashik MD FAISAL

    Start : 01/09/2017

    Thesis: Assessment of thermal comfort of FIR functionalized garments
    Director : F. SALAUN
    Erasmus mundus SMD Tex program


      Chandadevi GIRI

      Start : 01/09/2017

      Thesis: Development of personalized e-shopping services for sustainable textile consumption by maning fashion big data
      Director : X. ZENG
      Erasmus mundus SMD Tex program

      Chaimae LAQRAA

      Start : 01/10/2020

      Thesis: Development of hemp-based reinforcements for the production of bio-sourced composites with controlled properties
      Director : D. SOULAT
      Linked to SSUSHY program

      Parian Sadat MOHAMADI

      Start : 06/01/2020

      Thesis: Air filter instrumentation – textile sensors
      Directors : V. KONCAR / C. COCHRANE
      Linked to SAFIR project

      Moussab ORABI

      Start : 01/09/2020

      Thesis: Collaborative customer sales forecasting model
      Directors : S. THOMASSEY / K. P. TRAN

      Ajinkya Sudhir POWAR

      Start : 01/09/2017

      Thesis: LCA and Eco-design in the field of Chemicals Removal from Textile Waste for Textile Recycling
      Director : A. PERWUELZ
      Erasmus mundus SMD Tex program

      Zineb SAMOUH

      Start : 01/04/2019

      Thesis: Innovative 3D textiles based on natural fibres of Moroccan origin for use in bio-sourced composite materials
      Director : F. BOUSSU
      Linked to TOUBKAL project

        Kehui SONG

        Start : 08/10/2018

        Thesis: Innovative 3D textiles based on natural fibres of Moroccan origin for use in bio-sourced composite materials
        Director : X. ZENG

        Quentin WATEL

        Start :01/01/2021

        Thesis: Design and production of micro-fluidic textile structures for medical applications in high-throughput organoid screening.
        Director : A. CAYLA / F. BOUSSU

        Linked to DROMOS project

          Mengyun ZHANG

          Start : 01/11/2018

          Thesis: Modelling, simulation and optimization of garmentcreation process to personalize garments for peopàle with atypical morphology
          Director : P. BRUNIAUX

          Mahad BARRE ADEN

          Start : 01/10/2020

          Thesis: Development of a photoactive textile structure
          Director : F. SALAUN
          Linked to Tactile project

          Justine CALBA

          Start : 16/04/2021

          Thesis: Development and optimisation of the properties of carbon reinforcements in the form of braids, reinforced through the thickness, for composite applications
          Directors : D. SOULAT / X. LEGRAND

            Cheng CHI

            Start : 08/10/2018

            Thesis: Personalized pattern recommendation system of men’s shirts based on precise body measurements
            Director : P. BRUNIAUX

            Baptiste GARNIER

            Start : 01/12/2017

            Thesis: Connected textiles for communications around the human body
            Directors : V. KONCAR / C. COCHRANE
            Linked to Context project


              Zhongchen HE

              Start : 01/10/2019

              Thesis: 3D nanofibrous macrostructures for piezoelectric energy harvesting by electrospinning / electrospray of polyvinylidene fluoride material
              Director : F. SALAUN

              Louis MARISCHAL

              Start : 01/03/2018

              Thesis: Implementation and characterisation of conductive polymer composites for the production of temperature-regulated textile structures
              Directors : C. CAMPAGNE / E. DEVAUX
              Linked to AUTOTHERME program

              Mohammad Neaz MORSHED

              Start : 01/09/2017

              Thesis: Biomimetic textiles for pollutant degradation (in air, water or soil) by immobilization of robust or extremozymes
              Director : U. MASSIKA
              Erasmus mundus SMD Tex program

              Natalie PERRAULT

              Start : 01/11/2018

              Thesis: development of innovative functional nonwoven materials for the design of sequential bioreactors for biomedical purposes
              Director : A. PERWUELZ

                Ali RAZA

                Start : 01/09/2020

                Thesis: Intelligent health system with federated learning
                Director : L. KOEHL

                Maximilien SCHRUB

                Start : 01/09/2018

                Thesis: Methodology and Modelling of Textile Lifetime by Consumer Use and Textile Quality
                Director : A.PERWUEL / S. THOMASSEY

                Fatima Zohra TLEMSANI

                START : 23/09/2019

                Thesis: Measurement of Heat and Water Transfers by Integration of Thermal Fluxmeters
                Director : D. DIPONT
                The thesis is done at Yncrea

                Shahood Uz ZAMAN

                START : 01/09/2017

                Thesis: The development of reliable and washable intelligent textiles – standard characterization
                Directors : V. KONCAR / C.COCHRANE

                Vivien BARRAL


                Thesis: Development of a biocompatible multifilament with controlled resorbability for textile structures for adipocyte cell growth
                Directors: C. CAMPAGNE / E.DEVAUX
                Linked to : Matisse project 

                  Chen CHEN

                  Start : 24/09/2018

                  Thesis: Development, characterization and optimization of sustainable green composites with advanced sandwich structure
                  Director : X. LEGRAND


                  Quentin DEPOERS

                  Start : 30/09/2019

                  Thesis: Geometric modelling of an innovative braiding process
                  Director : X. LEGRAND
                  Linked to CobraComp project

                    Marjorie GARZON ALTAMIRANO

                    Start : 17/12/2018

                    Thesis: Development of new intelligent polymeric textiles
                    Director : E. DEVAUX
                    Linked to Phototex project

                      Hafiz Muhammad KALEEM ULLUAH

                      Start : 01/09/2019

                      Thesis: Development of a smart textile to improve comfort
                      Directors : E. DEVAUX / C. CAMPAGNE

                      Sana MECHLIA

                      Start : 01/01/2019

                      Thesis: Study and development of a bioactive functional textile
                      Director : A. EL ACHARI


                      Sarah MOSLEH

                      Start : 01/13/2017

                      Thesis: Adaptive morphotype process for optimal ergonomic fit and thermal comfort modelling of garments for persons with spinal disabilities
                      Director : P. BRUNIAUX
                      Erasmus mundus SMD Tex program

                      Noémie PICHON

                      Start : 01/10/2020

                      Thesis: Configurable tool for LCA of textiles
                      Directors : A. PERWUELZ / L. KOEHL

                      Julie REGNIER

                      Start : 01/10/2019

                      Thesis: Development of sensor wires for monitoring the detection and localisation of fluid leaks on composite material sealing membranes.
                      Directors : A. CAYLA / E. DEVAUX
                      Linked to MONI2TEX project

                      Rita SLEIMAN

                      Start : 01/10/2019

                      Thesis: Optimising the assortment of fashion collections and purchases using massive data and artificial intelligence
                      Director : S; THOMASSEY


                      Liting YAO

                      Start : 01/11/2019

                      Thesis: Reinforcement by 45° stitching on natural fibre structures for composite: experimentation and modelling
                      Director : X. LEGRAND

                        Wenqian ZHAI

                        Start : 01/10/2018

                        Thesis: Development and characterisation of non-woven reinforcements for bio-based composite applications
                        Director : D. SOULAT