PhD Students


We are pleased to introduce you to the current team of Gemtex PhD students:


Thesis subject: Development of new two- and three-component PVA-based nanofibrous materials with antiseptics and biologically active substances 
Directors: Fabien SALAUN – Aurélie CAYLA

Thesis subject: Unsupervised classification of 3D human leg morphologies for the implementation of adaptive leg morphotypes and Medical Compression Stockings in the context of compression treatment of venous diseases.
Directors: Pascal BRUNiAUX – Kim Phuc TRAN 
Supervisor: Guillaume TARTARE

Thesis subject: Development of a photoactive textile structure
Director: Fabien SALAUN
Supervisor: François RAULT

Thesis subject: Study and development of a multifunctional fabric for a formal jacket, with reduced environmental impact
Directors: Christine CAMPAGNE – Usha MASSIKA

Thesis subject: Design of a textile structure for radiative heat management
Director: Fabien SALAUN
Supervisor: Joseph LEJEUNE

Thesis subject: Development and optimisation of the properties of carbon reinforcements in the form of braids, reinforced through the thickness, for composite applications
Directors: Damien SOULAT – Xavier LEGRAND


Thesis subject: The Influence of Skiing Posture on Fit of Skiing Clothing Based on Human-Clothing Model.
Directors: Xianyi ZENG – Pascal BRUNIAUX
Supervisor: Xuyuan TAO

Thesis subject: Development of a fabric design tool to estimate the release of textile microplastics in production and during household washing
Directors: Anne PERWUEZ & Usha MASSIKA
CIFRE PhD with : Decathlon

Thesis subject: Study and prediction of ageing of children’s clothing
Directors: Anne PERWUELZ – Sébastien THOMASSEY
Supervisor: Romain BENKIRANE

Thesis subject: Measurement of forces on a parachute canopy and its lines – connectivity and wireless communication. 
Directors: Vladan KONCAR – Cédric COCHRANE

Thesis subject: Development / Design of superoleophobic textiles – Replacement of « perfluorinated » compounds
Directors: Fabien SALAUN – Christine CAMPAGNE

Thesis subject: TisAuX – Development of composite materials with auxetic properties for improved impact properties
Director: François BOUSSU
Supervisor: François RAULT
Co-direction: ONERA

Thesis subject: Polymer membranes for personal thermal comfort management
Director: Hayriye GIDIK


Thesis subject: Characterisation and optimisation of the forming behaviour of composite preforms obtained by automated fibre placement. 
Director: Xavier LEGRAND

Thesis subject: Regeneration and elaboration of reinforcements based on recycled carbon fibres, optimization of parameters by numerical methods
Directors: Damien SOULAT & Ahmad Rashed LABANIEH

Supervisor: Kim Phuc TRAN

Thesis subject: Development of a smart textile to improve comfort
Director: Hayriye GIDIK

Thesis subject: Development of hemp-based reinforcements for the production of bio-sourced composites with controlled properties
Director: Damien SOULAT
Supervisor: Manuela FERREIRA, Ahmad Rashed LABANIEH

Parian Sadat MOHAMADI​

Thesis subject: Innovative air clogging detection system for air filters
Director: Vladan KONCAR – Cédric COCHRANE
Supervisor: Elham MOHSENZADEH

Thesis subject: Anomaly detection in multivariate IoT time series data with statistical and machine learning techniques
Director: Kim Phuc TRAN
Supervisor: Guillaume TARTARE


Thesis subject: Development of a local decision support system for online monitoring and diagnosis using smart and connected clothing.
Directors: Xianyi ZENG – Ludovic KOEHL
Supervisor:Xuyuan TAO

Thesis subject: Collaborative customer sales forecasting model
Directors: Sébastien THOMASSEY – Kim Phuc TRAN

Thesis subject: Configurable tool for textile LCA
Directors: Anne PERWUELZ – Ludovic KOEHL

Thesis subject: Experimental analyses and simulation models of the mechanical behaviour of knitted structures for Medical Compression Stockings (MCS) applications.
Directors: Damien SOULAT – Xavier LEGRAND 

Thesis subject: Secure and Robust Federated Learning with Explainable Artificial Intelligence
Directors: Ludovic Koehl and Shujun Li (Kent univ.)
Supervisor: Kim Phuc TRAN

Yue (Cyrielle)

Thesis subject: Direct Colouring of the knitting yarn
Directors: Xianyi ZENG – Ludovic KOEHL
Supervisor: Xuyuan TAO


Thesis subjectStudy on integration technology of e-textile for knitted sport compression clothing

Director:Vladan KONCAR

Supervisor: Xuyuan TAO

Thesis subjectalternative to current textiles for sustainable industrial cleaning
Director: Aurélie CAYLA
Supervisor: François RAULT

Thesis subject: Measurement of Heat and Water Transfers by Integrating Textile Thermal Fluxmeters into Clothing for Children with Multiple Disabilities
Director: Hayriye GIDIK
Supervisor: Elham MOHSENZADEH

Thesis subject: Design and production of a decoupling pad based on composite materials with auxetic properties. (CORPLAUX)
Director: François BOUSSU
Supervisor: François RAULT


Thesis subject: Development of an embedded system using a cloud platform connected to smart clothes for health monitoring.
Director: Xuyuan TAO


Thesis subject: Development of an interactive 3D digital garment design and fitting system.
Director: Xianyi ZENG

Thesis subject: Design and production of micro-fluidic textile structures for
medical applications in high-throughput organoid screening.
Director: Aurélie CAYLA – François BOUSSU
Supervisor: Fabien SALAUN


Thesis subject: Development of 3D digital garments and associated scenarios and modelling their relationship with socio-cultural criteria. 
Director: Xianyi ZENG


Thesis subject: Life Cycle Assessment and Lifespan Evaluation of Clothing Use
Director:Anne PERWUELZ
Supervisor: Romain BENKIRANE


Thesis subject: Extraction of relevant texture features from woven fabrics for automatic hand evaluation using intelligent techniques
Director: Xianyi ZENG
Supervisor: Ludovic KOEHL, Xuyuan TAO


Thesis subject: 45° stitch reinforcement on natural fibre composite structures: experimentation and modelling
Director: Xavier LEGRAND


Thesis subject: Modelling, simulation and optimization of garmentcreation process to personalize garments for peopàle with atypical morphology
Director: Pascal BRUNIAUX
Supervisor: Xuyuan TAO, 


Thesis subject: Research on colour restoration and intelligent restoration of incomplete costume relics based on deep learning
Director: Xianyi ZENG, Pascal BRUNIAUX