The missions of the project mentoring committee are:

  • incubate collaborative projects of Research and Development in relation to themes studied in each group     
  • create consortium including industrial partners and  research cells in relation and complementary to the studies led by the GEMTEX laboratory,
  • assemble and manage national and international collaborative projects
  • make the connection between the financing structures such as the European Commission, regional and national authorities
  • support the dissemination of results of the researches  involved in collaborative projects
  • inform the lecturers on the opportunities to finance calls for regional, national and international projects
  • coordinate collaborative R&D projects in which ENSAIT plays an active role in the management of these projects 
  • manage the activity of  GIS MTA in the collaborative projects assembling

The aim of the project mentoring committee, according to the themes and the research progresses (fundamental stage, R&D or transfer) is to advise the lecturers with the most suitable financing solutions. The diversification of calls and financing solutions also enables to provide long-term support to the developments of the laboratory.

For the fundamental research activities, priority is given to ANR projects calls, with or without specific theme. These projects enable the exploration of new theme or on the contrary to go further into a speciality. The national projects such as projects calls launched by the DGCIS (FUI, single inerministrial fund) enable to :

  • promote textile industry through development and transfer activities
  • investigate textile opportunities in innovative applications
  • make the promotion of Gemtex on national scale towards academic and industrial partners
  • approve new concepts developed at laboratory scale, pilot and finally industrial scale

European projects are financing tools used to reach the laboratory excellence, to create an international network of academic and industrial partners, ensure the development of emerging themes.

Projects with small consortium of partners (2 to 6), the project mentoring committee may rather choose financing solutions such as OSEO, in particular to develop an innovation in a new sector of application.

DGA is also a financing structure for projects of the GEMTEX, mainly for the sector of composites. 


The aims of the project mentoring committee :

  • Creation of new academic and industrial partnerships for the development of emerging themes and consolidation of fields of research.
  • Give to textile an image of innovative material with high added-value by the implementation of new applications by means of collaborative projects (for instance : incorporation of  fibres in concretes)
  • Enlarge the financing sources and the size of  the consortium
  • Initiate more collaborative projects in relation with sensoriality and perception of textiles materials,  e-shopping, environmental impacts of new advanced textiles
  • Driving and managing the collaborative projects to increase the recognition of GEMTEX laboratory, enabling a real strategy of skills and be presented as the initiator.