Curent projects


Clean process for dissolving wood cellulose for the production of textile yarns
The ANR REGENCELL project aims at developing a new textile production process from wood cellulose, as an environmentally friendly and cost-efficient alternative to the existing viscose polluting process.
Start : 03/2023 –  Stop : 08/2026
Contact : Joseph LEJEUNE – Aurélie CAYLA
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Collaborative Online International Learning In Digital Fashion
This European project introduce new teaching and learning methodology of digital fashion co-design in a virtual environment. It digitize of the fashion and textile programs targeting the textile and clothing industry. It promote internationalization of the digital skills in fashion and textile technology.
Start : 01/2022 –  Stop : 01/2025
Contact : Xianyi ZENG
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Clean process for dissolving wood cellulose for the production of textile yarns
The ANR REGENCELL project aims at developing a new textile production process from wood cellulose, as an environmentally friendly and cost-efficient alternative to the existing viscose polluting process.
Start : 12/2021 –  Stop : 12/2025
Contact : Aurélie CAYLA – François RAULT –
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POlymer membranes for personal thermal COmfort Management
The ANR POCOMA project aims at developing passive polymer membrane for clothing in order to improve the thermal comfort felt by a person at rest through the control of Mid-InfraRed (Mid-IR) radiation.
Start : 10/2021 –  Stop : 03/2025
Contact : Joseph LEJEUNE
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3D printing of lithium ion batteries – Development of conductive monofilament formulations
The objectives of this IODA ANR project  (3D printing of lithium ion batteries) will be to continue the optimisation of composite filaments, to print complete batteries that are perfectly integrated into the shell of the object to be powered and to produce the very first prototypes of three-dimensional (3D) batteries
Start : 10/2020  Stop : 10/2024
Contact : Aurélie CAYLA Christine CAMPAGNE
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Droplet-based Textile Microfluidics for High-Throughput Organoids Screening
The DROMOS ANR project has received funding from the ANR to develop a laboratory-scale machine for testing large numbers of organic cells in a small quantity (by volume) under test. 
Start : 10/2020  Stop : 03/2024
Contact : François BOUSSU Aurélie CAYLA – Fabien SALAUN
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Mechanical characterisation of flax-based composites
This STIMULE project proposes to develop composite materials based on phosphorylated resins (obtained from epoxy precursors, modified flax gums) and flax fibres and to characterise their mechanical and fireproof properties.
Start : 10/2020  Stop : 01/2024
Contact : Damien SOULAT
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Novel light activated smart textile fibers using diarylethene photoswitchesnoids Screening
The TACTIL ANR project objectives are to develop innovative, active photochromic fibres that can simultaneously change their macroscopic shape and color under light irradiation
Start : 10/2019  Stop : 03/2024
Contact : François RAULT –  Fabien SALAUN
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Transparent Composite for Ballistic Impact Protection
The TRIBAL ANR project aims to lay the foundations for a concept of transparent composites – until now non-existent – to be integrated into ballistic protection systems (helmets, shields, portholes, windows, display cases, etc.). The project takes up two scientific challenges: 1) to develop a composite material composed of fibres and resin giving it optical transparency, 2) this transparent composite must demonstrate good resistance to ballistic impacts. 
Start : 03/19 –  Stop : 12/2023
Contact : Fabien SALAUN
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Secure and explainable healthcare with federated learning
In the frame of Secure and Explainable Healthcare with Federated learning (SEHFL), we with our UK based partner Shujun Li (University of Kent, UK) propose to develop an end-to-end smart healthcare framework for real-time use, based on the advanced Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligent (AI), Explainable AI and Blockchain.
Start : 09/2019 –  Stop : 06/2023

Contact : Kim Phuc TRAN
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Eco-design of menstrual pants
This project is founded  by Ademe (Perfecto project). Use of biosourced fibres of French origin: 1. implementation of knitted structures, 2. eco-processes for the functionalization of various layers
the study will be finalised by an LCA study
Start : 10/2021 –  Stop : 06/2023
Contact : Usha MASSIKA – Anne PERWUELZ
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Launch and support of Tex-CARE, the circular fashion chair
Tex & Care aims, a STIMULE project, to produce and promote multidisciplinary scientific research on circular fashion, while making it accessible to as many people as possible. It also aims to support and train textile actors in the integration of sustainable technical and social innovations. Finally, it carries out training activities and partnerships between research and textile industry players.
Start : 09/2020 –  Stop : 03/2023
Contact : Anne PERWUELZ
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Mechanised Orthosis for children with neurological disorders
The MOTION Interreg project aims to develop bionic rehabilitation technology for children with neurological disorders to improve quality of life & to set up a transregional network to transfer this rehabilitation technology and related knowledge from research to practical application by linking with industry, healthcare professionals and users and to interact with policy makers for the creation of supportive frameworks. 
Start : 01/2019 –  Stop : 03/2023
Contact : Hayriye GIDIK – Link to MOTION project on Gemtex website


Braided textiles to improve the competitiveness of the composite materials industry in northwestern Europe.
The COBRACOMP Interreg project will strengthen the competitiveness of 80 SMEs in the value chain for the production of composite materials. A pilot braiding machine will be developed to develop two innovative textile architectures, as well as digital simulation and part design tools. 
Start : 01/2019 –  Stop : 01/2023
Contact : Xavier LEGRAND
Link to COMBRACOMP project on Gemtex website