Associate Professor & Research Supervisor - JUNIA - HEI


Multifunctional Textiles & Processes Group
  • Research skills: Electrospinning, Nanofibers, Tissue Engineering, Material Characterization, Textile Engineering
  • Associate professor and Research Supervisor in JUNIA – HEI – Section CNU 61

Research interests

  • Using Electrospinning technology in developing nanofibers, microfibers, and nanocomposites adapted to a variety of applications (Sensors, Energy harvesting, Filtration, etc.).
  • 2D and 3D assemblies of Nanofibers (Structured/Oriented/Core-shell nanofibers, etc.).



  • Scientific responsible of ANR-PRCE POCOMA project on « POlymer Membranes for personal thermal COmfort MAnagement », (2022 – 2025). Partners: JUNIA, ENSAIT, Institut d’Electronique de Microélectronique et de Nanotechnologie (IEMN), L’Institut des Fonctions Optiques pour les Technologies de l’informatiON (FOTON), DAMART company.

  • ANR-PRCE SAFIRS project on « Intelligent air filtration system and remote detection », (2020 – 2023). – Partners: ENSAIT, IMTA-Nantes DSEE, IMTA-Brest ELEC, IMTA-Brest OPT, ETT and Titanair companies.

  • Interreg 2 Seas Mers Zeeën MOTION project on « Mechanised Orthosis for children with neurological disorders », (2019 – 2022).- Partners: JUNIA, Centexbel (Belgium), Thomas More University of Applied Sciences (Belgium), University of Greenwich (UK), University of Kent (UK), Kent Surrey Sussex Academic Health Science Network LTD (UK).

  • Scientific responsible of ANR Résilience H-d-F MASCOFIL project on « Development of a quality alternative mask for the public, dedicated to the fight against pandemics », (2021 – 2022). Partners: ENSAIT, JUNIA, CET (UCL), IFTH, SINAPTEC, MACOPHARMA, DUFLOT, ANDRITZ-Perfojet, ANDRITZ-Diatec, TIO-NT.

  • Scientific responsible of Interreg France-Wallonie-Vlaanderen PHOTONITEX project on « Development of micro – structured textiles for stimuli-dynamic photonic filters », (2018 – 2022). Partners: JUNIA, IEMN, Materia Nova, ULille, UMons, and UGent (http://www.photonitex.eu/).

  • 2016 – 2021: Interreg France-Wallonie-Vlaanderen TEXACOV project on « Development of micro – structured textiles for stimuli-dynamic photonic filters », (2016 – 2021). – Partners: JUNIA, Materia Nova, KULeuven campus de Kortrijk (Kulak) (http://www.texacov.eu/).



  • [1] P. Mohamad, E. Mohsenzadeh, C. Cochrane, V. Koncar – Morphological and Mechanical Properties of Electrospun Polyurethane Nanofibers – Air-Filtering Application, Electrospun Nanofibers. Springer, Cham (2022),  https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-030-99958-2_15.

  • [2] Z. He, E. Mohsenzadeh, F. Rault, M. Lewandowski, F. Salaün – Energy Harvesting Solutions Based on Piezoelectric Textiles Structures from Macro Nano Approach, Electrospun Nanofibers. Springer, Cham (2022),  https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-030-99958-2_14.


  • 8 papiers published in peer-reviewed scientific journals
  • 13 papers presented in international scientific conferences

List of publications on ResearchGate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Elham-Mohsenzadeh  


  • Fibrous Materials,
  • Advanced Technical textile
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