This research project, involving these 3 complementary entities, aims to study the incorporation of flame retardants (FR) into a speciality polyamide: polyamide 11 (PA11) made from castor oil.

The originality of this project lies in the fact that the FRs used are also biosourced, in order to obtain a fire-retardant in order to obtain a 100% biobased flame-retardant PA11 formulation.

Two areas of work are the first involves incorporating biosourced FRs en masse without chemical modification in order to processing steps and to use raw materials. The second involves chemical modification of additives in order to optimise their fire properties and to improve processing by melt spinning.

CLI’s expertise in polymer formulation and reaction to fire, and that of GEMTEX in the processing of thermoplastics in filamentary form, and their knowledge of the market are being brought to bear on this project, which is in line with the S3 themes (Circular economy and new functionalities of functionalities of materials), but also in hub2 of the I-SITE, i.e. « Innovation for a changing planet ».

A new generation of 100% bio-sourced flame-retardant fabrics resulting from this work will enable ARKEMA to gain market share unattainable with current solutions by offering materials that are bio-sourced, environmentally friendly and high-performance.

This work will also contribute to the scientific reputation of the Hauts-de-France region by strengthening the positions of the 2 laboratories in the field of polymer fireproofing for textile applications.

Start : January 2024 – Stop : December 2027

Funding : Région Hauts de France 

The total cost of the project, including the valuation of statutory staff, amounts to €257,744 excluding VAT.

Researchers involved in Ensait / Gemtex : 

  • Full Professor : Aurélie CAYLA
  • Assistant Professor : Stéphane GIRAUD
  • Post doctoral position : Julie REIGNER


  • GEMTEX  laboratory – ENSAIT
  • UMET Laboratory – Centrale Lille Institut
  • ARKEMA company
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