hayriye gidik

Associate Professor Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches


JUNIA – HEI, Laboratoire GEMTEX
Leader of “Innovative Textile Materials” Team – JUNIA – HEI

Research skills

  • Textile-based sensors,
  • heat and mass transfers (comfort),
  • textiles for health
  • well-being applications.

Research interests

Theme 1: Structured textiles used for heat and mass transfer applications (thermo-hydric comfort).

Theme 2: Textile sensors for medical and well-being applications (instrumented textiles).

Co-tutelle and CIFRE Thesis:

  • CIFRE Thesis with company DAMART (France) (2015 – 2018): “Study of the interactions between underwear / skin to design innovative textiles by optimizing wearing comfort”.
  • CIFRE Thesis with company Petit Bateau (France) (2017 – 2020): “Development of smart textiles to manage the problem of enuresis”.
  • Co-tutelle Thesis with Amirkabir University of Technology (Iran) (Allocations régionales) (2021 – 2024): “Development of a nanofiber-based (electrospinning process) gas sensor for the detection of respiratory diseases (asthma)”.



  • Motion – (01/2019 – 12/2022) (Interreg 2 Seas Mers Zeeën): “Mechanized orthosis for children with neurological disorders”.

Partners: Centexbel (Belgium), Thomas More University of Applied Sciences (Belgium), University of Greenwich (England), University of Kent (England), Kent Surrey Sussex Academic Health Science Network LTD (England), Rehabilitation center for children and youth Pulderbos (Belgium), Kinetic Analysis B.V. (Netherlands), Canterbury Christ Church University (England), Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust (England), Ortho-Medico nv Benelux (Belgium), Katholieke Universiteit (KU) Leuven (Belgium), Commissariat à l’énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives (CEA) (France), Sint Maartenskliniek (Netherlands).


  • Texacov (07/2016 – 03/2021) (Interreg France-Wallonie-Vlaanderen): “Development of functionalized textiles to improve indoor air quality”.

Partners: Materia Nova (Belgium) (coordinator), KULeuven campus de Kortrijk (Kulak) (Belgium), JUNIA – HEI (France).

  • Photonitex (07/2018 – 06/2022) (Interreg France-Wallonie-Vlaanderen): “Development of microstructured textiles for stimuli-dynamic photonic filters”.

Partners: Materia Nova (Belgium) (coordinator), Centre Européen des Textiles Innovants (CETI) (France), ENSAIT (France), Euramaterials (France), Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) (France), Institut d’Electronique de Microélectronique et de Nanotechnologie (IEMN) (France), Université de Mons (Belgium), Université Lille – Sciences et Technologies (France), Université de Gand (Belgium).

  • Mobiotex (06/2019 – 03/2021) (Eco-TLC): “Wood frame wall composed of bio-based materials and recycled textiles”. 

Partners: Institut technologique Forêt, Cellulose, Bois-construction, Ameublement (FCBA) (France) (coordinator), lnstitut Français du Textile et de l’Habillement (IFTH) (France), Cuiller & Frères (France), Soprema (France).

  • Mascofil (02/2021 – 07/2022) (ANR Résilience Hauts-de-France) : “Development of a mask dedicated to the pandemics, comfortable, washable, with high filtration performance and manufactured on an automatic machine”.

Partners: ENSAIT (France) (coordinator), IFTH (France), ANDRITZ (France), Diatec(Italy).

  • POCOMA (03/2022 – 08/2025) (ANR PRCE): “POlymer Membranes for personal thermal

COmfort Management”.

Partners: ENSAIT (France), Institut d’Electronique de Microélectronique et de Nanotechnologie(IEMN) (France), Institut des Fonctions Optiques pour les Technologies

de l’informatiON (FOTON) (France), DAMART(France).


[1] H. Gidik, G. Bedek, D. Dupont, Developing thermophysical sensors with textile auxiliary wall, Smart textiles and their applications, Woodhead publishing series in textiles (Elsevier), No. 178, (2016), 423-453.

[2] A. Marolleau, F. Salaün, D. Dupont, H. Gidik, S. Ducept, A new method for measuring water vapour transfers through fabrics, Cotton Fabrics: Preparation, Synthesis and Applications, Nova Science Publishers, (2019), 37-106.


Until June 2022 : 

  • 18 papiers published in peer-reviewed scientific journals
  • 16 papiers presented in international scientific conferences


  • Knitting technologies,
  • Textile finishing and coating technologies,
  • Functional and smart textiles,
  • Composite materials.


2014: H. Gidik, G. Bedek, D. Dupont, Best Poster Award, Doctoriales, France.

2014: H. Gidik, G. Bedek, D. Dupont, 1st place, SYSTEX Student Award, Belgium.

2015 : H. Gidik, G. Bedek, D. Dupont, 2nd place, Prix Théophile Legrand (Catégorie : Innovation textile au service de l’homme), France.

2015: H. Gidik, G. Bedek, D. Dupont, 3rd place, Prix Conseil de Recherche Université Catholique de Lille, France.

2018: A. Marolleau, H. Gidik, D. Dupont, F. Salaun, 1st place, Prix de thèse Université Catholique de Lille, France.

2020: V. Gaubert, H. Gidik, V. Koncar, 2nd place, , Prix de thèse Université Catholique de Lille, France.

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