françois boussu



Mechanics Textile Composites Group

  • Research skill : Weaving technology (Design and Production), 3D fabrics for composite material, Impact protection solutions (soft: stab and ballistic body armour – hard: armouring of vehicles against IEDs, Armour Piercing ammunitions, FSP and blast)
  • CNU 60

Research interests

• Textile and composite materials, design and manufacturing of woven structures (2D and 3D weaving)
• Textile composite solutions for low and high speed ballistic impacts (body armour or armouring of vehicles).

Students Supervision (in progress)

18 PhD thesis Supervisor

94 Master thesis Supervisor 


68 Peer reviewed international publications
10 Patents
16 Book chapters
215 Publications in Proceedings of National and International Conferences


Below are the list of selected ongoing projects that François BOUSSU is a Principal Investigator (PI) or co-PI

National research programs :

AIDE project – Design a software to analyse and integrate electronic data for a better forecasting of technical and commercial issues. Scientific Participant,
ANR-NUMTISS project Achieve a platform of software tools of modelling and simulation of the weaving process for composite material. Main coordinator,
COMPOMET – Build a consortium of 14 European partners to deal with new designs of composite and metallic assembly applied to hybrid structures, including self monitoring of joining (ANR MRSEI 2016), Scientific coordinator,
BLAST3D+ – Find new protective solutions to blast effect (ANR ASTRID 2017), Main coordinator.

International research programs :

MAPICC 3D project – design and produce fibrous thermoplastic reinforcements for composite material for ground transportation applications (automotive, truck and railway) and also carbon fibres solutions for aeronautic sector. WP leader as Dissemination Manager of European research program MAPICC 3D,
EPIDARM project – identify different soft protections for NRBC and ballistic impact. WP leader of fibrous reinforcement for protective solution,
IMS&CPS project – produce fabrics with carbon nano-tubes yarns for composite applications. WP leader of production of carbon nanotube fabric,
RESIST project – build an European research network for border regions as France and Belgium. Main coordinator of INTEREG III project.
TRITEX project – propose e-learning training modules on smart textile research and applications also with European Border regions as France and Belgium. Scientific participant,
PHC TOUBKAL 2018  – design and produce 3D textile composite material made with Moroccan bio-sourced resources. Main coordinator.

Private research programs :

develop fabrics made with shape memory alloy yarns as fibrous reinforcement for composite material and soft protection solution against impact,
define the forming properties of thermoplastic fabrics made with commingled yarns (E-glass and polypropylene),
TEXTILE ANALYSIS project  – design and compute software for the analysis and prediction of sales forecasting of textile items ,
Store PV project – integrate soft solar cells on woven structure as roller blind for green energy storage applications,
OSEO projects -design and produce a complete prototype weaving machine adapted for the production of 3D warp interlock fabric samples used in ballistic protection,
REI-SAFE and MAT-IED projects – identify hard protection solution for armouring of vehicles against IEDs at different impact velocities,
REI-SNCTex project – develop new solutions of ballistic protection with carbon nano-tubes yarns,
EPICE project – design and produce a prototype weaving machine adapted for carbon yarns,
DGA RTD Ph-D CIFRE project – study the material behaviour of composite material against ammunition impacts and blast for military vehicles (Internal projects),
OENO Protech – develop new protective and interactive solutions for the vineyard,
SAFRAN NACELLES – achieve 3D fibrous reinforcement for composite with various thicknesses and widths,
CNRS UMR 168 – IPPG Paris – design and produce micro-fluidic textile structure for medical drug screening applications.



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  • Production and Performance of technical textiles
  • Weaving. Products and Processes
  • Multi-architectural textile materials
  • Protection and comfort
  • Textiles and Fashion
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