Design and production of a decoupling stud based on composite materials with auxetic properties

(COnception et Réalisation d’un PLot de découplage à base de matériaux composite à propriétés AUXétiques)

The project is built around 3 elements:
auxetic materials:

  • innovative materials that are still relatively unexploited
  • The democratisation of electric motors, which are generating new high-frequency noise problems.
  • Improving the acoustic discretion of suspension systems on naval defence vessels.

The integration of electric motors in civil and defence transport systems is changing the vibration behaviour of structures. Although electric motors are quieter than combustion engines, they nevertheless generate vibratory excitations at higher frequencies. At these frequencies, elastomer decoupling pads lose their properties (stiffness, damping, transmissibility, etc.), as they will exhibit resonance frequencies that degrade their performance.

The main aim of the project is to exploit the characteristics of auxetic materials in order to develop a decoupling pad with characteristics equivalent to those of elastomer pads. The primary objective of the project is to develop a decoupling stud made from an auxetic fibre-reinforced composite.

A secondary objective of the project is to improve the passive auxetic suspension concept by moving towards a semi-passive or even active suspension. The addition of an autonomous semi-active system is likely to raise the performance level of such a decoupling block even further. With the exception of the top-of-the-range market, prices should be kept as low as possible. To achieve this, piezoelectric hybrid technology has been chosen.

Start : 01/09/2022 – Stop : 30/00/2026

Gemtex contact : François BOUSSU


  • LEM 3 research laboratory
  • Gemtex research laboratory
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