Full Professor


GEMTEX – MTP group ( Multifunctional Textile Process) – Sustainable textiles (co-founder of Tex&Care, the chair of circular fashion)
Section CNU 62 : Process engineering

Research skills

  • ecodesign, green chemistry, sustainable process, LCA : life cycle assessment, circular economy,
  • surface, wetting, adhesion, impregnation, contact angle

Research interests

Theme 1  : Textile Surfaces and Interfaces at different scales
Theme 2 : Sustainable Textile treatments
Theme 3 : Ecodesign InTextiles : Environmental Assessment of textiles Products and Processes.

Research links


  • 2012-2021 SMDTEX ( Erasmus Mundus)- Sustainable Management and Design for Textiles
  • 2014 -2018 DESHYBOU (FUI project)- Innovative Process for Sludge deshydration
  • 2015/19 ECLIN (Region Hauts de France project) – Rethinking textile conception with flax for a circular economy.
  • 2018-2022 ECyTWIN (Interreg IV)- Eco-cycle Innovation for the Textile and Woodworking Industries
  • 2019 OZONEFlax (Region Hauts de Franceproject) : Ozone treatment of flax fibres
  • 2020-2023 CLEANTEX (Erasmus) – Clean and Innovative Textiles Strategy for Circular Economy
  • 2020-2023 LACMC (Region Hauts de Franceproject) Launch and support of Tex&Care, the circular fashion chair
  • 2022-2026 REGENCELL (ANR French National Research Agency) Green process of dissolving wood cellulose for the production of textile yarn


Call for environmental impact assessment of bio-based dyeing – an overview.
Muthu S S (ed) – The detox fashion – Cleaning up fashion sector. Springer Publications 2018



Master level ENSAIT :

  • Sustainability in Textiles
  • Surface Thermodynamics and applications in textile

Doctoral School – Lille University

  • Sensitization to responsible innovation – Life Cycle Thinking

specific missions

  • CTI : Expert (2012/2018)
  • ECOCERT- Greenlife  : President of the textile certification monitoring committee – 2010/2015
  • ACIT  (Associations of Textile Chemists and Colourists): Président (2011/2015 )and Vice President (since 2015) of ACIT, Association of Chemists of Textile Industry – in charge of relations with IFATCC: International Federation ofAssociations of Textile Chemists and Colourists
  • AVNIR : Active memeber of the Administration Comitee – President of the scientific council of the AVNIR congress on the application of the life cycle thinking in business (2012/2015) –  Active member of the working groups on teaching and research in Life Cycle Analysis of the AVNIR platform 
  • UGéPE: Active member of the UGéPE group (since 2008): Union of Process Engineering in Nord Pas de Calais – Vice President Conference Research SFGP Société Francaise de
    Process Engineering – Lille 2011
  • In co-charge of the Pedagogical Reform
  • Elected member of ENSAIT Board of Studies – since 2005 ENSAIT Board of Directors – since 2012
  • Named member of ENSAIT Development Council – since 2010
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