Transparent Composite for Ballistic Impact Protection

The TRIBAL project aims to develop a concept of transparent composites, which do not exist today. These composites will be designed to be integrated into ballistic protection systems such as helmets, shields, portholes, windows or display cases that require perfect transparency.
The project poses two scientific challenges:

  • To develop a composite material composed of fibres and resin that gives it optical transparency
  • To develop a material with good resistance to ballistic impact.

In the long term, the partners are aiming for a ballistic protection solution that would reduce the surface mass of current protections (polycarbonate/glass laminate, armoured glass, transparent ceramics) by 20% at much lower cost.

GEMTEX will carry out research on the study of transparent elastic fibres and resins in combination, and will then focus on processes for the production of yarns and plies that are re-impregnated or by RTM, either on the basis of thermoplastic matrices and reinforcements, thermoplastic matrices and inorganic reinforcements, thermoset matr.

ices and thermoplastic reinforcements, or thermoset matrices and inorganic reinforcements, that are mechanically and ballistically resistant

The objectives of the test campaigns will also be to evaluate the ballistic protection performance for threats defined by the standards in force (STANAG 4569 levels 1 and 2 and EN 166-A) to respond to threats from both civil and military weapons, which establishes the dual interest of the project with regard to civil and military applications. For each solution selected, the partners will ensure the optically transparent nature of the fibre-matrix pairs selected.

Period : Mar 2019 / Dec 2023

MarKeywords : transparent composite – ballistic protection – optical transparency – armored glasses

Website :  TRIBAL ANR website

Partner : IRDL Institut de Recherche Dupuy de Lôme

Ensait contact : Fabien SALAUNAurélie CAYLAFrançois BOUSSU

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