Full Professor Team leader of “Mechanic for Textiles and Composite” Group


Mechanic for Textiles & Composite group

  • Research skill :
    Mechanical design, modeling, mechanic, material
  • Associate professor & research supervisor – Section CNU 61

Research interests

Theme 1: design the right device/process to steer fiber in the desired direction with the desired volume ratio.  

Theme 2: testing and modeling the textile structures

Theme 3: data analysis of test results

Research links



  • Comp3DRe – My mission : Study of the stamping of stitched preform
  • Mappic 3D – My mission : Development of composite stiffener crossings for self-stiffened panels: design, production, process simulation for optimisation
  • ALCAS – My mission : Design, production, simulation: 3D textile structuring technology for a triple point geometry part


  • Xiao, P. Wang, D. Soulat, X. Legrand. Structure and mechanics of braided fabrics. Chapter 7 of Structure and mechanics of textile fibre assemblies 2nd edition, pp.217-263, https://doi.org/10.1016/b978-0-08-102619-9.00007-9. schwartz p. editor, woodhead publishing, published date: 15th august 2019. isbn: 9780081026199
  • Wang, X. Legrand, D. Soulat. Chapter 6: Textile reinforcements based on the advanced textile technologies for composite manufacturing, « Textiles for Advanced Applications », INTECH. pp161-189, 2017.
  • Duchamp, X. Legrand, D. Soulat. Structural and tensile behaviors of braided reinforcements: characterization and model. Chapter 5 of: Advances in Braiding Technology, 1st Edition, Specialized Techniques and Applications, Edited by Y. Kyosev, Woodhead Publishing, Print Book, 2016
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  • Legrand, C. Cochrane, V. Koncar. A complex shaped-reinforced thermoplastic composite part made of commingled yarns with an integrated sensor, chapter 16 of: Smart Textiles and their Applications, pp 353-372, Woodhead Publishing, V. Koncar Ed., ISBN: 978-0-08-100574-3, 2016
  • Crosky, C. Grant, D. Kelly, X. Legrand, G. Pearce. Fibre placement processes for composites manufacture. Chapter 4 of : Advances in Composites Manufacturing and Process Design, pages 79-92; Woodhead Publishing, Edited by Professor Philippe Boisse, 2015



Until June 2022

  • 23 patents
  • 60 papers published in peer-reviewed scientific journals
  • 100 papers presented in international scientific conferences
  • 5 invited presentations in international conferences
  • 16 PhD supervisions


  • Computer Aid Design (CAD),
  • Innovation,
  • Composite process,
  • Mechanics of Composite,
  • mechanic of textile structures


 Innovation prize in 2009 awarded by the PRES Lille Nord de France for the Raid OUTILS project

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