Matrices 3D pour la reconstruction tissulaire. Application à la reconstruction mammaire

The MAT (T) ISSE project proposes to create a new bioprosthesis, a Class 3 implantable medical device, which aims to help the body restore damaged areas following curative surgical procedures. This tissue restoration is done through the autologous collection of fat cells (adipose tissue) reimplanted on a synthetic and resorbable lace type textile structure. The textile structure has a role of maintenance, aid in the multiplication of implanted fat cells and revascularization. It is coupled to a bio-resizable and personalized 3D shell that delimits the volume to be rebuilt.

In the long term, the resorbable support will disappear and the patient will find the shape of a breast thanks to the development of her own cells.

Period : 2017 – 2021
Keywords : sustainable, European Energy Research Alliance, Joint Programme on Nuclear Materials
Website : matISSECordis –  MATISSE
Partners : 27 organisations from 10 European countries (including an international partner from Korea)

Ensait Contact : Christine CAMPAGNE

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