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The Phototex project aims to develop a new smart textile type which improves comfort by a dynamic regulation of the space between body and textile. This smart textile should be able to give the infra-red radiation back depending on the body or external temperature and humidity (sweat).

ln order to reach this goal, PHOTOTEX will take inspiration from photonic structures (nana structure changing with the light wavelength). Despite the fact that its fabrication requires nanotechnologies, this PhD thesis will also be focused on self-assembling plasmonic particles in a polymer matrix. Then the compound will be adapted to a melt spinning process of mono or multi filaments to obtain nano-texturized yarns. When these temperature and humidity dependent polymers are incorporated into the fabric, it  will enable  contrai  and  modulation of the thermal radiation. Two main pathways are considered,  either nanostructured hydrogels by controlled free radical emulsion polymerization or surface modification  of several plasmonic particles. Moreover, the design of optically active textiles materials has to go through key parameter identification of the radiation-active additives: their nature, dispersion and concentration in the polymer matrix. Finally, textiles conception and shaping requires a rheological approach because of the melt compound that must pass through very fine spinnerets. Yarn properties optimization  and textile added value is also closely  related to the contrai of the nana/micro interface structuration and identification of the adequate polymer system.

Period : 2018 – 2021
Keywords : Photonic structures, smart textile, comfort, regulation body textile, temperature, humidity
Website : Interreg Phototex
Partners : MATERIA NOVA, CETI, UPTEX, CNRS, HEI , Université de Mons, Université Lille Sciences et Technologies , UGENT

Ensait Contact : Christine CAMPAGNE & Joseph LEJEUNE

The consortium of the Interreg FWVL PHOTONITEX project (of which Gemtex is a partner The consortium of the Interreg FWVL PHOTONITEX project  is pleased to invite you to the closing event of the project  on September 29, 2022.
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