Mechanical characterisation of flax-based composites

The IGNIFLAX project (Elaboration and fireproofing of biocomposites based on flax products) is a project that is part of the STIMULE scheme of the Hauts de France Region and brings together three laboratories: UCEIV (ULCO), UMET and GEMTEX.

This project proposes to develop composite materials based on phosphorylated resins (obtained from epoxy precursors, modified flax gums) and flax fibres and to characterise their mechanical and fireproof properties.

The applications are in the development of rigid flax fibre panels. The actions of the GEMTEX laboratory (EA n°2461 ENSAIT) are focused, within the framework of this project, on three tasks aiming to provide an answer on the mechanical behaviour at the different scales of the products elaborated within the framework of this project:

  • Determination of the mechanical properties of the fibres in order to identify the influence of the treatments applied on the mechanical properties at the fibre scale.
  • Identification of the tensile properties of fire retardant functionalized composite specimens, 
  • Analysis of the compaction behaviour of thermo-moulded materials.

Period : Oct 2019 / Jan 2024

Keywords : bio composites – flax – fireproof – STIMULE -phosphorylated resins – mechanical properties – fireproof properties

Partners : UCEIV (ULCO), UMET

Ensait contact :  Damien SOULAT

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