The aim of the AUTOTHERM² (FUI) project is to develop a set of solutions aimed at designing a system consisting of a self-regulating temperature assembly combined with an energy recovery jacket capable of making the overall system autonomous.

AUTOTHERM² aims at designing, developing, and marketing a heating system integrating in the long term this technology in textile processes for first layer (or second skin) applications such as underwear, or under-gloves, using a implementation technology by knitting or embroidery. This one will confer comfort to the wear (breathability, flexibility, touch, ergonomics) by associating an active heat bringing a real benefit to the use. The targeted markets are those of health (Raynaud’s phenomenon, musculo-skeletal disorders (lumbago, cervicalgia)), sport and well-being. By the association with a calibrated jacket to meet the energy needs of this underwear, it will be possible to integrate this combination for military markets, protection against extreme environments (industrial, armed forces, security …) …


Period : 2017 – 2020
Keywords : self-regulating temperature, energy recovery jacket, second skin, comfort,
Website :²-solutions-autoregulees-et-autonomes-visant-a-maintenir-une-temperature-optimale/
Partners : Gantmaille, Damart, Cousin Composites, CHRU, Ensait (GEMTEX), Tecknisolar Seni

Ensait Contact : Christine CAMPAGNE

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