Smart air filtration & remote sensing

The starting points of the project are (technical skills, technical know-how and industrial needs):
– Mature textile technology
– Possibility to functionalize textiles with organic electronics materials and to connect them with traditional electronics components.
– Sensitivity of organic materials sensor are reaching the threshold limits fixed by health agency
– Possibility to generate pollutants with accurate concentration in a laboratory scale AHU
– Need of ventilation duct detection for monitoring indoor air environment, improvement of human environment: potential economic market
Work plan — Work packages, deliverables

The inter-dependencies between the work packages are illustrated in Figure 2. WP1 feeds requirement input to the R&D WPs (2-8). The development and technical WPs form the basis of the dissemination and exploitation activities in WP9.

Period : Oct 2019 / Sep 2022

Keywords : smart textiles – air filtration – remote sensing

Website :  SAFIRS ANR website

Partners : GEMTEX – ENSAIT Laboratoire GEnie des Matériaux TEXtiles – Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Industries Textiles – GROUPE TITANAIR – IMT Institut Mines Télécom – ETT ENERGIE TRANSFERT THERMIQUE

Ensait contact :  Vlandan KONCARCedric COCHRANE

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