Clean and innovative textiles strategy for circular economy

The Cleantex project is an international European project involving 8 partners, including 3 universities and technology centres.
Its objective is to support the textile industry’s move towards green transition by promoting the acquisition of skills in sustainability, circular economy and eco-design.
To achieve this, it aims to develop tools for training in the circular economy and eco-design for companies and students. Innovative training methodologies will be based on virtual learning and multidisciplinary practical activities. An intensive summer training course is planned in 2022 to implement this training.

In this context, the CLEANTEX project will develop the tools for the upskilling of the textile sector and particularly higher education students, in order to obtain its objectives:

  1. To support the upskilling of the textile industry (students and companies) towards the green transition favouring the uptake of skills in sustainability, circular economy and eco-design.
  2. To foster innovative training methodologies based on multidisciplinary hands-on activities.
  3. To strengthen knowledge, skills and competences using virtual learning methodologies and tools.
  4. To promote the uptake of good practices towards a more sustainable textile industry.
  5. To strengthen collaboration among universities, technological centres and the textile industry.

CLEANTEX will generate an impact to the different target groups including students of HEIs (both design and textile), textiles’ companies and their managers as well as other stakeholders from the textile ecosystem, who will benefit from the outputs generated during the project lifetime.


Period : Nov 2020 / Jan 2023

Keywords : innovation – training – sustainable textile – industry – universities – 

Website :  CLEANTEX

Partners : Kauno Techonlogijos Universitetas (KTU) – AEI Tèxtils Centro Italiano per l’Apprendimento Permanente (CIAPE) – Creative Thinking Development (CRE.THI.DEV) – Univerza v Ljubljani.- Parco Scientifico Tecnologico per l’ambiente (ENVIPARK) – Acondicionamiento terrasense (LEITAT)

Ensait contact : Anne PERWUELZ




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