Dans le cadre des mesures du plan « France Relance » pour la préservation des emplois de R&D,
M. Xianyi ZENG Directeur du Laboratoire GEMTEX de l’ENSAIT
vous invite à un webinaire « Plan de relance : Préserver vos emplois R&D en partenariat avec l’ENSAIT »
🗓 Mardi 16 février à 11h.

The GEMTEX research laboratory belongs to ENSAIT, French Grande Ecole, one of the leading textile schools in Europe which graduates more than one hundred and twenty students at Ms Level in France. GEMTEX research activities are organized around three research themes and in strong interaction between each other. Each theme is headed by one or more professors or research scientists and dedicated to applied research for Textiles. These research skills are focused on the following activities:

The missions of the project mentoring committee, goals and strategy

Projects per year
current PhD students
Researchers and technicians