A new generation of innovative, multifunctional and recyclable biobased textiles based on high-performance regenerated cellulose fibres and blends of yarns.

Recently, high-performance regenerated cellulose multifilaments, Iroony® , were produced from secondary biomass extracted from French hemp stalks, using spinning with an ionic liquid called HighPerCell® , developed in Germany. AdvBioTEXloop will increase the production of these fibres to create textiles for clothing and innovative technical textiles that are multifunctional, biosourced, environmentally friendly, recyclable and reusable, and, with an extended lifespan. A pilot line has been developed in Germany to increase their production.

This process will be extended to other plant stems available in Europe to increase the contribution of biosourced fibres to the textile value chain. HighPerCell® technology will also be tested for the chemical recycling of these innovative textiles at the end of their life. The flexibility of these fibres will make it possible to produce a variety of yarns, including blends of yarns (with other biobased fibres) as well as different 2D and 3D textile structures (knitted and woven) that are flexible, soft and pleasant to the touch. Their tensile strength and abrasion resistance will enable the production of high-quality textiles, including technical textiles for protective clothing (e.g. hospital wear), workwear and sportswear.

Processes Sources of funding Partners dyeing and finishing processes, as well as safe biobased ingredients, will be used to functionalise these textiles. Biobased dyes, biomordants, anti-crease, antimicrobial, superhydrophobic finishing agents or biobased coatings will be used to add functionalities according to the textile product specification. Intelligent textiles will also be produced using bio-based photochromic dyes/pigments or microencapsulated phase change materials (PCMs).

Source – INIST  :

Financing : ANR

Start: 01/2023 – Stop: 01/2025 

Contact in Gemtex : Usha BEHARY



  • TecnATox Universitat Rovira i Virgili, School of Medicine, Center for Environmental, Food and Toxicological Technolohy
  • La Société RBX Créations
  • Resortecs Resortecs
  • l-up l-up
  • University of Boras
  • Pangaia Materials Science Italy S.r.l.
  • Centexbel
  • TLH Technikum Laubholz GmbH (TLH)
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