CONnected TEXTiles for Communications Around the Human Body

The objective of the project is to develop smart textiles incorporating radio frequency (RF) technologies and components for wireless communications between objects in networks around the human body (WBAN). Based on technologies available in smartphones, two issues will be studied.

In general, the particular electromagnetic properties obtained in the field of metamaterials will be considered to reduce the size of the antennas and the system, or for the engineering of surface waveguides.

Period : 2017 – 2020
Keywords :
connected textile – wireless – radio frequency – electromagnetic
Website : CONTEXT
Partners : IEMN – CNRS DR18 Institut d’électronique, de microélectronique et de nanotechnologie / LEAT – CNRS Côte d’Azur Laboratoire d’électronique antennes et télécommunications

Ensait contact : Cédric COCHRANE

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