Flax 3D

Development and characterization of 3D reinforcements based on flax rovings

The objective of the FLAX3D project is to demonstrate the feasibility of producing these thick 3D structures from flax fibers, while guaranteeing controlled and reproducible reinforcing properties. To achieve this goal, the FLAX3D program combines the Depestele Group which has expertise in the production of flax fibers and the development of semi-finished products (rovings, fabrics) with controlled LCA. This company is backed by the research laboratory GEMTEX, specialized in textile reinforcement and its processes, located within the ENSAIT. The GEMTEX Laboratory has expertise in multilayer weaving through the development of specific looms and the development of these thick structures used as reinforcements of composite materials in the transport and defense industries.

Period : 36 monthes
Keywords :
Flax – composite – 3D structures –
Website : Flax 3D
Partners : Groupe Depestele

Ensait contact : Damien SOULAT

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