3D Printing of Lithium Ion Batteries - Development of Conductive Monofilament Formulations

ANR IODA  Project objectives

Today, lithium ion batteries are used to power a wide range of electronic devices. In this field, the end-user demands more and more power and energy as well as perfect integration into the object to be powered.

Additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, would not only allow the realisation of new multidimensional battery architectures (offering improved electrochemical performance) but also facilitate the manufacturing and integration of the batteries into the shell of the object.

Building on the encouraging preliminary results of the regional OBI-ONE project, the objectives of the IODA project (3D Printing of Lithium Ion Batteries) will be to continue the optimisation of composite filaments, to print complete batteries that are perfectly integrated into the shell of the object to be powered, and to produce the very first 3D battery prototypANRes.


Period : Oct 2020 / Oct 2024

Keywords : monofilament – lithium ion batteries – 3D printing – 

Website :  IODA   (ANR)

Partners : NANOVIA, LRCS Laboratoire réactivité et chimie des solides, LTI LABORATOIRE DES TECHNOLOGIES INNOVANTES – EA 3899

Ensait contact : Aurélie CAYLA – Christine CAMPAGNE

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