Key technologies in IOT based fetal movement monitoring and pregnant women’s health assessments

In the frame of IOTFetMov, we propose to develop an original automatic system for real time detection of fetal movements and evaluation of pregnant woman’s state of health. This system will be fully integrated into an intelligent garment such as a T-shirt of tight style, which is capable of maintaining direct and close contact with the pregnant woman’s abdomen without causing any discomfort. The garment will integrate a number of multi-scale sensors in order to acquire signals of fetal movements. However, in practice, these signals are usually mixed with false signals caused by mother’s body movements, breath and hiccup. The proposed system will then perform the preprocessing and classification of these signals in order to filter noises, set up a mathematical model characterizing the relation between the measures and fetus’s position, and extract from the model the rules describing fetal movements for a specific time interval. In this way, a basic diagnosis on state of fetal well-being can be realized.

Moreover, the proposed system will be linked with a cloud computing platform for providing advanced diagnosis and consultations from medical experts in order to take actions before suffering irreversible harm. In the same time, the classical sensors of the intelligent garment can also be used to monitor the pregnant woman’s physiological indices, including skin temperature, sweat quantity and heart rate, and perform a general evaluation on her psychological and health states. According to these data, a remote personalized medical consultation will be provided to the concerned pregnant woman.

Period : 2014 – 2019
Keywords : Fetal movements monitoring, detection, sensors, clouds,
Website : IOTFetMov
Partners : University of Boras, Technical University of Iasi, Politecnico di Torin, Soochow University, AUTEX – Association of Universities for Textiles, Bureau Veritas CODDE, ASTRICO NE, Hongdou Group CO.LTD., AB Lindex, NLY Scandinavia AB

Ensait Contact : Xianyi ZENG

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