modelling a prospective pricing strategy in circular fashion

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The concept of circular fashion represents an opportunity for the development of the textile-clothing sector in the face of current economic and environmental challenges. It also raises a number of questions about the development of the sector’s business model, particularly in the context of reducing production and consumption, an essential aspect of circular fashion.

In this context, it is crucial to redefine the right price for products and the pricing policies currently in place.

The aim of the LPJP project, involving the GEMTEX and LUMEN laboratories and the Tape à l’Oeil company, is to develop a pricing model that can be used to define the right price for a garment. The originality of this project lies in the integration of consumer purchasing behaviour and the monetisation of environmental impacts in the calculation of the optimal price using artificial intelligence techniques. The various objectives will be achieved by mobilising and combining knowledge in the social sciences and data sciences. The spin-offs from this work will enable preliminary results to be obtained with a view to the Horizon Europe AAP. It will also contribute to the scientific influence of the Hauts-de-France region by strengthening the expertise of the Tex&Care chair in circular fashion.

The missions of Ensait / Gemtex researchers : 

  1. Optimising the pricing model using transactional data
  2. Establishment of a value proposition model based on EP&L-type cost calculations
  3. Prospective and predictive pricing, including knowledge of consumer behaviour and price changes


  • GEMTEX laboratory
  • LUMEN laboratory
  • Tape à l’Oeil company

Start : 09/2022 – Stop : 02/2025

Contact at Ensait / Gemtex : Sébastien THOMASSEY

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