Developing innovative textile compression solutions


Symphonies aims to develop innovative textile compression solutions for lymphoedema, using digital solutions for patients and healthcare professionals. During the project, technologies and services will be developed that will constitute world-beating innovations in the field of medical textile compression. For the first time, Symphonies is setting up a French industrial sector dedicated to digital solutions for medical textile compression. New design processes based on digital simulation and new environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes will accompany this project.


Sygvaris Group France is specialised in the design, manufacture, sale and trading of textile medical compress- sion products to combat venous insufficiency. to combat chronic venous insufficiency.



  • Healabs (07),
  • INSA Lyon (69),
  • ENMSE (42),
  • ENSAIT (59),
  • IFTH (69)


  • Start : – Stop : –  Duration 48 months
  • Total project cost  :€9,834,137 by BPI France
  • Aide :  €5,569,290

CONTACT Ensait / Gemtex : Pascal BRUNIAUX

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