Toubkal is a Franco-Moroccan bilateral cooperation program. The support granted is intended to finance the mobility of researchers and PhD students in the framework of the preparation of theses in co-supervision and aim primarily to promote the emergence of new collaborations between the two Moroccan and French scientific communities.

The project takes shape around the two structures: the French-listed Gemtex and the Moroccan side REMTEX (the REMTEX is the research laboratory of ESITH Casablanca). The objectives of the project are: the study of Moroccan natural fibers such as alfa and wool as well as the analysis of their structures and their physical properties, the development of 3D woven reinforcements based on natural Moroccan fibers and the analysis of their physicochemical and thermomechanical behaviors (in order to determine the behavior of the composites composing them), the realization of bio-composites respectful of the environment and adapted to the industrial requirements (low cost and high performances).

Period : 2019 – …
Keywords : cooperation – France – Marocco – alfa – wool – 3D woven – reinforced fibers – bio composites – environment
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Partners : Gemtex and REMTEX

Ensait Contact : François BOUSSU

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