Instrumentation of a textile for the development of a digital twin to predict the lifespan of garments

The lifespan of clothing is recognised as an important lever for the circular economy and is a crucial element in assessing environmental impacts.

Its estimation is very complex because it depends on many factors relating to the characteristics of the product, its manufacturing process, its use and its maintenance.

Work carried out in the GEMTEX laboratory has shown that it is possible to predict the lifespan of a product, but the generalisation of the methods proposed requires too much experimental data.

The aim of the proposed project is to develop an original approach based on textile instrumentation and the concept of a digital twin. Technological advances in terms of textile sensors make it possible to envisage complete instrumentation of a garment in order to measure and record the events, stresses and wear experienced by the product during its use.

By acquiring such data, we can develop a digital twin of the « user garment » system. This digital twin will then be used to generate different scenarios of use and thus enable the learning of predictive models based on artificial intelligence to estimate the lifespan of the product.

This project draws on the knowledge and expertise of the GEMTEX laboratory’s previous work on product lifespan, textile sensors and prediction models.

The results obtained will provide a better understanding of the use, stresses and lifespan of garments, as well as improving the eco-design of products through new knowledge of the relationships between materials, manufacturing processes, quality testing and lifespan.

Financing: Région Hauts de France and ADEME
Budget : 110.000€
Start : Octobre 2023

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