Development and study of green composites made from renewable resources

The objectives of the project are, over a period of three years:
. Synthesize a resin made from vegetable oils: Ricin and Jojoba.
. Optimize the conditions of extraction and preparation of vegetable fibers from plants: Alfa (Stipa tenacissima L.), Reed (Arundo donax), Palm trees (Chamaerops humilis L., Phoenix
canariensis, Phoenix dactylifera).
. To determine the morphometric, chemical and biochemical characteristics of tissues and extracted fibers.
. Study the processability of plant fibers and manufacture one or more types of preforms nonwovens, intended for the manufacture of composites.
. Develop composites by one or more techniques (infusion, thermoforming, etc.) depending on the type of resin developed. Study the fiber-matrix interface and optimize the adhesion.
. Characterize composites (performance and biodegradability) and provide a point of view critical on the results, prospects for improvement, and identify potential markets.
. To valorize the obtained results notably by publications in scientific journals
conferences, promotion in trade fairs and through the organization of  symposia in the form of a technological exchange day in order to
enhance the use of natural fibers for composites applications.

Period : 2010 – 2013
Keywords : environment –compistes – alfa fiber  – resin –
Website :
Partners : UMPO. Université Mohamed Premier, Oujda, Maroc – USTOMB. Université des Sciences et de Technologie Mohamed Boudiaf, Oran, Algérie

Ensait contact : Philippe VROMAN

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