Bioactive compounds from plants for material or biological applications

Nowadays, there is a growing interest in degradable and bioresorbable polymers for their applications in the medical field, and in particular for any in vivo implantation. One of the biggest challenges of these implantable materials is to control the degradation kinetics according to the intended application. To this end, the two laboratories, GEMTEX and UTA, are combining their skills in order to meet a need in an existing market, namely the medical field, via a growing interest in degradable and bioresorbable polymers. The objective of this project will therefore be to develop biosourced multifilaments, from PLA additivated with fatty esters of plant polysaccharides, then textile structures by « melt » or « solvent » spinning with controlled degradation kinetics via a modification of the hydrophobicity.

Period : Fev 2021 / May 2022

Keywords :degradable and bioresorbable polymers – biosourced multifilaments (PLA) – « melt » or « solvent » spinning

Partners : GEMTEX (coordinateur), UTA (Université d’Artois, Béthune)

Ensait contact : Aurélie CAYLAChristine CAMPAGNE

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