Innovative methods of dewatering industrial and urban sludge

Mineral sludges are very difficult to dehydrate. Therefore, chemical additives (coagulant-flocculant) are used to improve their filterability. This results in potential contamination of filtered water and filter cakes.

The high water content of the sludge considerably increases volumes and transport costs to the downstream sectors.

Current costs and treatment times remain high (between 0.4 and 1 kWh / kg) and several hours or even days in the case of thermal drying.

DESHYBOU aims to design a system to stabilize and minimize the water content of sludge for lower energy consumption without the use of chemical contaminants. The method uses a physical filter press treatment assisted by an electric field generated by a conductive textile filter membrane. The prototype DESHYBOU will be implemented during the project and tested on sites containing sludge of various origins, including aquaculture.

Period : 2014 – 2017
Keywords : Sludge – water content – filter – membrane
Website : Aquimer (DESHYBOU)
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Ensait contact : Anne PERWUELZ

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