Thermoregulating textile structure for underlayment application

This project aims to develop a thermoregulating textile structure for roofing underlayment application. The objectives of this innovation concern the field of thermoregulation, thermal comfort and the reduction of energy consumption (winter and summer) applied to buildings. In fact, insulation and energy performance in buildings can be improved by incorporating phase change materials (PCMs). This type of material is an important source of innovation for industry, they can bring competitive advantages that are economic and ecological (lower energy consumption), social (comfort and sanitary gain) or in terms of performance since they can store heat and return it at the right time. The purpose of this study is twofold, namely (i) to present a robust method of evaluating the effect and durability of these products, and (ii) to evaluate their application in a roofing underlayment. To do this, the study will be based on the formulation of MCP and the modeling of the thermal behavior of materials. At the end of the project, it will be possible to validate the potential applications of PCM use in the building, as well as the technical feasibility. In addition, the link with the industry will make it possible to be concerned about regulatory aspects and potential product developments for the building market.

Period : 2016 – 2018
Keywords : underlayment applications – thermoregulation – building market
Website : TESTE
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Ensait contact : Fabien SALAUN

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