Associate Professor & Research Supervisor


Multifunctional Textiles and Processes Group

  • Research skill : Multifunctional Textiles and Processes Group
  • Associate professor & research supervisor – Section CNU 33

Research interests

  • Theme 1: Functionalization of textile support by grafting and chemical coating (Improvement of surface properties : Hydrophobic, hydrophilic, antibacterial textiles, Textiles filtering complexing heavy metals).

    detection of toxic molecules in water

  • Theme 2: Synthesis of organic molecules with selective and specific detection of toxic molecules in water


 DEPOLTEX (Scientific co-director)2010-2014 (French National Program FUI)
manufacture of functionalized depolluting textiles
Partners: Dylco Afitex, Baudelet, NEO Eco, Nordlys SAS, TOTAL, DYLCO, Armines, IFTH, Université de Lille.

TEX-MOF (Collaborater)(ANR-ASTRID)2019-2022
Textiles functionalized by porous solids of the MOF type for the capture and/or the degradation of toxic agents
Partners: UCCS-Université de Lille, DGA

Books - chapters

  • Saihi Dhoha, Ahmida el achari Claude Caze and Abdellah Ghenaim – Nylon 6,6 Knitted Fabrics With Antibacterial Properties – DOI: 10.1533/9781845694104.3.144


  • Chemistry of organic matrices for composite materials,
  • Colorimetry,
  • General and organic chemistry,
  • UV and IR spectroscopy,
  • water and pollution. 
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