Guillaume TARTARE

ASSOCIATE professor


Human Centered Design Group

  • Associate Professor – Section CNU 61

Research skills : 

  • Decision support systems,
  • artificial intelligence,
  • knowledge modeling and processing,
  • wearable systems,
  • human modeling

Research interests

Theme 1: Building interactive and connected digital garment design platforms associated with intelligent services (interactive personalized garment design recommendation systems, fashion knowledge modelling, modelling and simulation of complex manufacturing processes)

Theme 2: Development of intelligent wearable systems (intelligent garment design, physiological signal processing, prediction of wearer’s health by learning from physiological data, medical decision support systems)

Theme 3: Human body modeling and classification, aided decision support system and detection of physical diseases



  • SUCRé (3.2014 – 10.2017) (Regional Program ARCIR) : « Human-robot cooperation in hostile environment » – Partners: University of Valenciennes (coordinator), University of Lille 1, University of Artois, Ecole des Mines de Douai
  • IOTFetMov (1.2015 – 9.2019) (French Natonal Program ANR): « An intelligent and connected garment system for fetal movement detection  – Partners: CHU de Lille, CIC-IT 1403, Hangzhou Dianzi University (China)
  • SYMPHONIES (1.2022 – 12.2025) (French National Program PSPC): «Development of digital models for supporting design and simulation of product impacts on venous hemodynamics of lower limbs » – Partners: INSA de Lyon, EMSE and three industrial companies


[1] H.D. Nguyen, K.P. Tran, X. Zeng, L. Koehl, G. Tartare, An Improved Ensemble Machine Learning algorithm for Wearable Sensor Data Based Human Activity Recognition. Chapter 13 of:   Reliability and Statistical Computing, Springer Berlin, pp 207-228, 2020.

[2] G. Tartare, M. P. Pacaux-Lemoine, L. Koehl, X. Zeng, Development of an Intelligent Garment for Crisis Management:  Fire Control Application. Chapter 9 of  Automation Challenges of Socio-technical Systems, F. Vanderhaegen, C. Maaoui, M. Sallak, D. Berdjag Eds , Wiley Publisher, July 2019


15 papiers published in peer-reviewed scientific journals

12 papiers presented in international scientific conferences

List of publications on ResearchGate:


  • Decision support systems;
  • Image processing and pattern recognition;
  • Database management systems and industrial information systems;
  • Data mining and big data;
  • Design of experiments;
  • Production simulation and modelling;
  • Garment construction.
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