Associate Professor - JUNIA - HEI Innovative Textile Materials Team


JUNIA – HEI, Laboratoire GEMTEX – Innovative Textile Materials – JUNIA – HEI

Research skills

  • Development of smart textiles
  • Development of textile-based sensors and electrodes,
  • Development of actuator textiles (colour change or light-emitting textile structure)
  • Conductive and electromagnetic shielding textiles
  • Textiles for health and well-being applications
  • Smart textiles’ protection and amelioration of their durability


Research interests

Theme 1: Development of smart and functional textiles

Theme 2: Textile sensors for medical and well-being applications (monitoring, diagnostic, treatment)

Theme 3: Wearables



  • ANR PRCE – POCOMA (POlymer Membranes for personal thermal COmfort Management) 03/2022 – 08/2025
  • COST Action CA17107 – CONTEXT (
  • European Network to connect research and innovation efforts on advanced Smart Textiles) 11/10/2018 – 09/04/2023
  • H2020 – MATUROLIFE (Metallisation of Textiles to make Urban living for Older people more Independent Fashionable) 01/01/2018 – 31/05/2021 FP7
  • FP7 – PHOS ISTOS (Development of biophotonic device based on flexible light emitting textile dedicated to the monitoring and treatment for dermatologic diseases and carcinoma), 01/12/2013 – 31/05/2018


  • [1] Oguz, Y., Cochrane, C., Mordon, S. R., Lesage, J. C., & Koncar, V. (2016). Light-emitting fabrics for photodynamic therapy. Advances in Smart Medical Textiles, 177-194.

  • [2] Oguz, Y., Koncar, V., Cochrane, C., & Mordon, S. (2017). Light-emitting woven fabric for treatment with photodynamic therapy and monitoring of actinic keratosis. Photomedicine-Advances in Clinical Practice, 95-111.


Until April 2024 : 


  • Weaving process and woven structures
  • Yarn spinning technologies
  • Textile metrology, testing and quality
  • Technical textiles and nonwovens
  • Composites (Practical work)
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