Circular fashion in Hauts-de-France: mobilisation and commitment of stakeholders for a transformative ecosystem.

Supported by ADEME, the French Agency for Ecological Transition, the REZOMODECO project aims to build a transformative ecosystem in the fashion industry: to propose more responsible production, distribution and consumption in the textile sector.

In contrast to the « fast fashion » economic model, which is based on the rapid renewal of short, low-priced ready-to-wear lines, the project’s researchers are proposing economic models that are more virtuous at the environmental, economic and social levels.

How can the notion of circular fashion encourage responsible production, distribution and consumption practices in the textile sector? The proposed alternative consumption offers are analysed at 3 levels:

Micro (analysis of products, services and consumer expectations),
Meso (analysis of economic models)
Macro (analysis of the ecosystems of actors).

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