Xianyi ZENG honoured with an Honorary Doctorate

Xianyi ZENG, director of the Gemtex laboratory, was honoured on 2 May 2024 with an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Boras – Sweden.

The honorary doctorate is a mark of distinction offered by a university to a personality who has made his or her mark in a particular field, in this case textiles. The title of honorary doctor was awarded at the University of Boras academic ceremony.

Ensait / Gemtex and the University of Boras have worked together on a number of projects. One of the highlights is the integration of the University of Boras into the SMDTex project led by Gemtex and in particular by Xianyi Zeng. This Erasmus Mundus programme has led to the development of numerous research projects, theses and doctoral students.

The University of Boras has honoured a number of great personalities. Xianyi Zeng was decorated on May 2nd alongside Ingvar Carlsson, a Swedish statesman who has been Prime Minister, Minister of Education and Minister of Housing in successive Swedish governments.

We congratulate Xianyi Zeng on this well-deserved award.

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