Recognition for IOTFetMov

A great recognition for IOTFetMov

The France-China Committee organised its 7th Innovation Awards for Franco-Chinese teams on 29 November 2021. It is within this framework that the teams of the IOTFETMOV project received the R&D prize, jointly rewarding the teams of Ensait, the University Hospital of Lille and the Hangzhou Dianzi University.

 As a reminder, the IoTFetMov Monitoring Fetal Movements project (ENSAIT-CIC-SEI-SIoT) aims to develop an intelligent wearable system to monitor fetal movements in order to secure the pregnancy.  Link to the project

The Comité France Chine (CFC) is a major player in Franco-Chinese economic diplomacy.  Its mission is to promote the French offer in China and Franco-Chinese cooperation. It promotes a better knowledge of the evolution of the Chinese market and needs and a better mutual understanding. The prize was presented to Xianyi ZENG by Jean-Pierre RAFFARIN, former Prime Minister and ambassador of the committee.

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